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Coronavirus And Climate Change

Coronavirus and Climate Change

Coronavirus and Climate Change are two different outbreaks that can make this world disappear. They are both catastrophic and tend to go a long way in making things hard for humanity. As a result, numerous governments from all around the world came forward to prevent the spread of this deadly virus. Yes, that’s right. Since they are policymakers and decision-makers, they had the power to impose restrictions and shutdowns, taking it to the level of recession. But where were these individuals and their rules, when it came to climate change? Well, to help you understand where we’re going at, here’s a detailed analysis of these outbreaks and their introduction.

The Need for More

Humanity has always moved forward to seek more in order to make lives better. Easier solutions were the norm, and we moved ahead to make matters right. But while we were performing this task, we forgot to look at the kind of resources that were depleting. Natural resources like timber, fossil fuels, land, ore and water were used by different economies in order to continue their method of production. Moving further, this habit struck an enemy in the form of Climate change, and now we have to deal with it.

Climate change

The need for more resources forced humans to spread their presence over natural habitats, thus exposing themselves to pathogens. This form of mass interaction was later responsible for diseases such as Nipah Virus, Q Fever, hepatitis, and so on. As far as Coronavirus is concerned, it is suspected that it was transmitted to humans at a wet market in Wuhan, where wildlife was sold. So when you look at both climate change and Coronavirus, one can say that they emerged through human greed.

Different Policies

In terms of actions, governments have reacted differently to both these outbreaks. While policymakers refused to amend changes to industries in order to make our planet less warm, they were quick to impose a ban and other forms of restrictions as a move to spread the virus. The main reason behind this particular difference could be the way we view both these outbreaks. From this set of measures, it is quite clear that we do not realise the importance of climate change. While Coronavirus impacts human lives, climate change affects all types of species and creatures around the world.


Despite the emergence of both these outbreaks, few individuals still believe that we need to save the markets. While we understand that our markets are bleeding at the moment, we cannot understand the theory behind saving it at the cost of human lives. So be it Corona or Climate Change; we need to take measures that are effective and fruitful.

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