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The Close Link Between Climate Change And Natural Disasters

The Close Link Between Climate Change and Natural Disasters

The impact of climate change has always been known to be catastrophic and damaging. But according to recent studies, this so-called damage may go to a further extent by bringing in natural disasters. Yes, that’s right. Through various forms of research, experts have been capable of identifying a close link between climate change and natural disasters. Since the impact of this link stands to be anybody’s guess, let is first learn more about its formation. Hence, here’s what you need to know about the relationship between Climate Change and Natural Disasters.

Climate change

The Role

The primary role that climate change plays in this regard is quite uncertain but clear. Although disasters like hurricanes and firestorms do not arise due to the direct impact of climate change, a warming planet does create favourable conditions for these disasters. So, the link may not be direct, but it indirectly causes problems that may hit us in the future. This stood to be clear when we witnessed heat days. Due to an increasing number of such days, hurricanes and wildfires have struck a chord at numerous parts of the world. Thus, if we keep polluting the atmosphere, wildfires and other such conditions might end up being common.

Greenhouse Gas

Greenhouse gas emissions are a few other aspects, known to raise the global temperature higher, and it has been happening for more than a century. Their effects were so brutal that 2014 was recorded as the hottest year. But things did not seem to improve since every other year; the rate just kept going higher and higher. This, in turn, brought in the aspect of Climate Change. Due to the actions of humanity, unprecedented rates of change have struck the planet, leaving us in a bad state. According to LeRoy Westerling, Professor of Management of Complex Systems and Co-Director of the Center for Climate Communication at UC-Merced, we have two dials. One controls how much precipitation is going in, and the other is the temperature. Both these cases tend to go higher, with the planet getting warmer and thus, increasing the evaporation that is coming out. Burning Fossil Fuel is another aspect that has been raising the temperature and keeping our world hot. If this continues, tropical storms and intense hurricanes will be part of the near future, and that is reality, which we will be forced to accept.

Greenhouse Gas

The Impact on Human Life

The impact of these events on human life tends to come in the way of basic life support systems. Clear air, water, food and shelter will go out of the window if wildfires continue. Premature deaths, respiratory diseases and heart diseases will be part of the narrative. Hence, the time to act is now or never.

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