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What Is Climate Change?

Climate change stands to be a human activity that pushes forward the temperature of our planet, making it warmer than before.


Melting polar ice, increasing number of wildfires and glacial retreat among others tend to be the main aspects of evidence.


Greenhouse Gas emissions formulate a significant part of the cause that does not seem to be stopping.


Reduced rate of life expectancy in all creatures and species as a result of numerous diseases are known to be the major effects.

Effective Solutions

Making matters meet with policymakers and doing our bit to curb pollution are two of the leading solutions that we have at the moment.

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Planet Earth

Climate Change Effects Over The Years

This gradual process is going to get worse sooner than we expected.

As a result of the industrial revolution, our planet began to face the early stages of the brunt in the form of pollution.

Changes in the concentration of particles were said to be a theory responsible for the slowdown of Global Warming.

The decade was known for climate change consequences where human-driven events began to leap further.

With impacts and measures lying around the corner, 2020 is a pivotal year for our future planet.

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